Complimentary Event at Bowie Branch Library in Bowie, MD

Medicare Declassified

Navigating Your Medicare Options

Event Details

Bowie Branch Library
15210 Annapolis Rd.
Bowie, MD 20715

Event Options:

– Saturday, September 17 at 10:30 a.m.

Seating is limited. Nothing will be sold and there is no charge to attend! This event is not sponsored or affiliated with the Bowie Branch Library.

The world of Medicare can be intimidating and confusing, which is why we want to help ensure you are prepared as you turn 65. We offer easy-to-understand, comprehensive, informational tools to help guide you through the seemingly complex world of Medicare planning.

Join us for a complimentary and special presentation at Bowie Branch Library where we’ll cover any questions you may have, including:

  • How does Medicare work?
  • How do I figure out which plans my doctor accepts?
  • How much will my prescriptions cost for the year?
  • How are agents and independent brokers compensated?

We also cover which plan options are available in your area and what each plan entails, such as:

  • Medicare Part A and B
  • Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)
  • Prescription Drug Plans (Part D)
  • Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap)

Privacy Policy: We protect your privacy. Information is confidential and never shared with any unaffiliated third parties. Please provide your best email and mobile phone to ensure delivery.

Do you have a Medicare strategy in place?
Don’t miss this information-packed event!


This complimentary presentation will show you:

How each part of Medicare A through D works.

The information you need to make personalized decisions.

Meet Your Hosts

Jonathan Lee
Founder & CEO
The Foundation for Financial Education
Ben Green
Founder & CEO
The Foundation for Financial Education
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By providing your information, you give consent to be contacted about the possible sale of an insurance or annuity product. Licensed Insurance Professional. Attend and learn how annuities and life insurance can be used in various stages of planning for retirement income. This presentation is not intended to be legal or tax advice. The presenter can provide information, but not advice related to social security benefits. Clients should seek guidance from the Social Security Administration regarding their particular situation. The presenter may be able to identify potential retirement income gaps and may introduce insurance products, such as an annuity, as a potential solution. Social Security benefit payout rates can and will change at the sole discretion of the Social Security Administration. For more information, please consult a local Social Security Administration office, or visit